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Fort Bend Brewing Co

Bigger, Bolder – Texas Brewed
Texas Backyard Blonde Ale

Texas Backyard Blonde Ale

A backyard is where families and friends gather to celebrate and enjoy life. This beer is perfect for the occasion–full-flavored, with a smooth malt profile and balanced by crisp, noble German hops; a cool, clean and refreshing experience.

Full-flavored, but Crisp, Clean, Cool and Refreshing

Texas Farmhouse Ale

Texas Farmhouse Ale

Our Belgian-style Farmhouse is a full-flavored, golden ale with wonderful aromatic hints of fruit and spice. An initial scent of banana, pepper and herb are blended with flavors of crisp fruit and mild citrus with a sweet, lingering backbone. The full mouthfeel finishes pleasingly tart and ever-so slightly dry.

Unfiltered; Banana, Pepper, Citrus, Pear – all from Belgian Yeast

Texas Lightning IPA

Texas Lightning IPA

This IPA has pronounced but pleasing bitterness of American Northwest hops, backed by biscuit and caramel flavors derived from imported English malts that lend a clean and dry finish.

Balanced IPA with pronounced hops

Texas Thunder Stout

Texas Thunder Stout

Deep flavors and a rich malt complexity abound in this stout. Rounded by a smooth and clean bittering hop and a blend of eight malts give the flavors of dark coffee, roasted caramel and chocolate.

Complex malt character; Chocolate, Coffee, caramel


Primer Pale Ale

Every fire needs a catalyst; a primer of sorts. We believe this to be the right beer for the job. Not too dark, not too light–evenly balanced with just the right amount of hops and a smooth clean finish. Get your fire started.

Very evenly balanced, prominent hop flavor, smooth clean finish



This IPA comes to life with all the right hops and brings them to the center stage. Northwestern American varieties spin together seamlessly to create a perfect hop profile of citrus and tropical fruit. Balanced by a back beat with just the right amount of malt to remain hop forward, this one hits all the right notes.

An IPA that has exceptional nose and flavor characteristics, aimed at the West-coast styled IPA drinker


Over Backwards (Limited)

Made with the second runnings of our Grand Reserve 2013, we’ve added a subtle blend of cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg to this amber, English style ale to produce a delicious seasonal diversion. Spicy aromas abound, complimented by imported nutty Mild ale malt and earthy, tea-like English hops to produce a harmonious balance of complex flavors in this eminently drinkable tipple.


HarvestFest Ale (Seasonal)

A beautiful orange hue, our celebration of the annual hop harvest comes in the form of a modified version of our bready, biscuity Oktoberfest. We’ve taken the base beer and dry-hopped it FOUR times with freshly delivered Cascade and Columbus whole leaf and pellet hops. The result is a wonderfully complex hybrid beer, with aromatic citrus and piney notes paired to a smooth, malty flavor. EXTREMELY limited (only 5 bbls produced).


Oktoberfest (Seasonal)

You want a “bready, biscuity” beer? We’ve got it! With almost 60% imported German Munich malt in the grist, traditional Bavarian flavors and abound. Our non-traditional ale fermentation (at a lower than normal temp of 62°F) provides a hint of fruitiness, lending a complexity not normally found in Festbiers.

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